_Out of the cage started as an experimental glass-blowing project lead by spanish designer Gala Fernández. It was realized with the help of skilled artisans from Nouvel Studio in México City. The liquid glass is blown into various shaped and sized birdcages serving as the molds for this process. Once the housings for colorful birds, the cages, have transcended into glass-blown objects and containers. They now act as supports for the extruding glass volumes, reminiscent of the birds themselves.

The objects are a result of the interaction of the hot fluid glass with the moulds, the final pieces carrying the marks and history of both their former existences.

The project questions the status of confinement versus refuge. A cage can be conceived as imprisonment or a shelter for comfort. The glass works subtly capture this essence of limitation, protection and custody in a very imaginative fashion.

The collection was presented by Marion Friedmann Gallery within Brompton design District during the London design Festival 2014.

images ©melani merlo