_Hail Bright Cecilia/La Araña Cósmica designed by Gala Fernández is a glass chandelier conceived to celebrate the Real Fábrica de Cristales de La Granja (RFCG), which has been manufacturing Spanish glass since the 18th Century. “Araña” (“spider”) is the name given to a chandelier in Spain, and this type of lamp is the most representative piece at the RFCG. The chandelier is a tribute to Saint Cecilia, patron saint of music, harmony and celestial spheres to whom Handel and Purcell dedicated the Ode to Saint Cecilia. However, the work combines traditional style with a contemporary twist.
The structure of the lamp is based on a classical glass chandelier from La Granja.

It is a small glass universe, a personal cosmogony made from a collection of samples manufactured using different crafting techniques in this exceptional factory. The work is completed with a variety of hand blown glass pieces representing heavenly bodies, planets and satellites to create in one unique piece a particular planetarium.