is curated by designer Gala Fernández (ES) and London based design gallery Marion Friedmann (UK/AUT). Expect a highly collaborative exhibition including a workshop with students from the Fashion and Graphics school

IIS Caterina da Siena in Milan and other artists & designers from different parts of the world. Fernández and the architect & designer Eleonora Guidotti (IT) will enter into dialogues of making and creating with the students and the materials they will work with (glass and textiles). Over the course of 10 days those partners together will create an immersive light installation, called ANALOG WEB, mounted in the stunning labyrinthic vaults of the school, which have never been seen by the public before. Magic glass-spheres blown beforehand in Murano – through a dialogue between Fernández and the glass blower-duo Carlo and Emmanule Colizza (glass workshop Antichi Angeli, Murano, Venice) – will be woven into an `analog web´ of knitted fabrics, using the extraordinary technique developed by designer Eleanora Guidotti. Gala Fernández will also bring `Sweet and Sour Series´ – her new ceramic lamps – to Milan which she created in dialogue with ceramicist María de Andrés (ES). The workshop of María in Madrid further collaborated with artist David Trullo (ES) for the creation of `Proserpina´, his candleholders made from discarded pottery.

Gala Fernández will further enter into dialog with illustrator Giorgia Ricci (IT), Davide Fichera 
and Lorena Serrano from eyewear brand Nina Mûr (ES), collage artist Ramón Tormes (ES), Lucía Bermejo (ES) from design brand Videgreniers, display designer Marco Bernardelli (IT), designer Anna Fabrizi and Gloria Mayeli Rubio from Arta ceramics (IT), Pepa Mendoza & Michael Fischer from Feltum (MEX) and the unforgettable Ettore Sottsass, who inspired her for `Caro Ettore´, a sculptural marble set designed to be played with.

Analog Dialogues will be full of play and wonder. It refers on one hand to the genuine making of things, the handmade, the honest craft skills and the humble materials involved. On the other hand it refers to the instant, direct and collaborative contacts created through the processes of the making and the conversations with the local Milanese students and the other artist-protagonists invited in this fascinating process. The show will embrace such materials like glass, textiles, pottery, clay, porcelaine, marble, felt, wood, plastics and paper, just to name a few. In the development of the show there will be room for the unexpected, spontaneous and experimental. So rest assured to be surprised.

Dialogues further refers to the web and network all partners in this project will have to build in order to convey the exhibition to a wider audience in Milan and beyond and draw people and visitors to the school as a new and off the beaten-track destination. The overall educational aim is to make local teenage students a part of this international spectacle and pass on to them the spirit to get involved within their city.

Throughout Gala Fernández long spanning career there has been a determined collaborative strand as well as a strong educational perspective. Gala has been teaching since the begining of her career in numerous schools, universities and institutions and has worked on collaborative projects in design, curating and project-managing all around the world. Within her practice Gala has always been feeding and creating new networks (webs) with the people she encountered along her way and around her. All this will manifest itself again strongly in this show at Caterina da Siena.

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Founded in London 2011, Marion Friedmann gallery merges a penchant for the avantgarde with a passion to celebrate and promote the most remarkable emerging and established contemporary designers. The media acclaimed show `Enlightened Waste´ marked the beginning of the gallery’s trajectory as an ambassador for international design with an established focus on Mexico and Latin America. She has been a design advocate for more than twenty years, working as a curator, collector, art-advisor and consultant. The gallery operates through a nomadic system of bold pop-up exhibitions and represents vanguard limited edition design with a special interest in `Materiality´. The pieces and works range from furniture, lighting to objets d`art and the gallery works on the development of special commissions for clients. Following its mission the gallery serves as a platform of exchange between the continents, with shows overseas as well as in London and Europe.

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